Florida Bound

Diane and I are traveling to southwest Florida to spend a week with her parents. This is the fourth winter her folks have wintered there, so they have proven that they are worthy of the term “snowbird.” This is also the fourth year in a row that we have been blessed to be able to join them for a brief time. They are very gracious in welcoming us to their winter home in North Fort Myers.

 One of Diane’s favorite places to go is a place called Barefoot Beach in Bonita Springs. “Bonita” means “beautiful” in Spanish. The colorful plants, bushes, trees and the big turtles add to the beauty of the place. I enjoy eating Florida citrus right off the tree. You have to convince yourself daily that it is really February. I love central Ohio, but there are not many days in February in Columbus, Ohio that you can roll out of bed, put on a T-shirt, shorts, and running shoes and hit the trail. Down there, you really need to get the run in early, before it gets too hot.
We’ll see you in a few days. Lord willing, we return on Tuesday, February 17. Oh, by the way, in no way do I want to make any of you envious – but the seven day forecast for Ft. Myers calls for sunny conditions and highs in the low to mid 80’s.
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