On the Team

Bob Buford, the author of such books as Game Plan, Half Time, etc., has achieved great business success and has also had a period of productive ministry in his life.  Buford says, "Everything significant I have ever accomplished has come in the context of a team."  Look through the Scripture and you will see how often the Lord has chosen to work through teams of people.  You’ll find it’s most of the time.

We have a wonderful ministry staff team at Madison Christian Church.  Recently our ministry staff conducted a combined chapel for the elementary students of Madison Christian School.  (It was a fantastic experience, and we look forward to doing this on a monthly basis.)  Mrs. McCoy, the Elementary Principal, sent me a note after the chapel and the thing that meant the most to me was when she wrote of our ministry staff and said, "You are a great team."  I cannot think of a greater compliment.

One of the great privileges of my life is to be on the same team with Jason Hauser, Justin Olson, and Matt Archibald.   I genuinely love each one of them.  They love each other.  They are all very proficient in their individual areas of ministry – but more importantly, they are all team players.  They recognize that Madison Christian Church is bigger than children’s ministry, youth ministry, or worship ministry.  I thank the Lord daily for our team.

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