A Big Day

Saturday, February 7 was a huge day for BOTH Men’s and Women’s Ministry at Madison Christian Church.  The Madison Men’s Ministry (MMM) has been meeting on the first Saturday of the month for breakfast followed by a meaningful program.  In the beginning, the leaders of the MMM dreamed of filling every seat in the Fireside Room on a Saturday morning.  Their vision became a reality this time, every seat was filled, and they set a new record for attendance and participation.  The food was great, and Bob Ostrander gave an outstanding presentation.  I cannot say enough about the hard work of the core leadership team of the MMM:  John Connett, David Graham, and Russ Herr.

"Girlfriend’s Day at the Spa" took place the same day.  It is a day-long event put together by the Women’s Ministry of Madison Christian Church.  This is the second year in a row for this popular, sold-out event.  Ladies have the opportunity to concentrate on their inner and outer beauty.  They each get chair massages, get to dip their hands and feet in hot wax, receive training in relaxation, make-up application, hair care, and nail care.  They have a fantastic lunch in the Fireside Room and a harpist plays while they enjoy the food.  The Women’s Ministry prices the event so you pay one amount, and you get to bring a friend.  Both years this has been an outstanding outreach for the church.  Hats off to the Women’s Ministry!

It’s great to be part of a church that is reaching out in creative ways with passion. 

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