Asking Questions

Most people who have met her agree that my daughter-in-law, Joy, is one of the most engaging people you will ever meet. Certainly, she is a beautiful, intelligent lady. (Can you tell I am slightly biased?) But what allows her to connect with all kinds of people almost instantly is her wonderful ability to ask questions. She has a non-threatening way of asking many questions. That reflects a concern for others and makes them feel important.

Questions are pretty powerful forms of communication. Answering questions can help us clarify many important things.

At the beginning of each year, I spend a few moments reflecting on 10 questions developed by Christian author, Bobb Biehl. These questions help me focus – perhaps they will help you also. Here we go:

1. What is my single greatest strength? What do I do best? Which of my priorities best uses my natural strengths?

2. What three decisions are causing me the greatest stress?

3. If I could do only three things next week, what would I do?

4. What are my three greatest roadblocks? What are my three greatest resources?

5. If I could only do three things before I die, what would I do?

6. What volunteer position(s) should I resign….possibly saving days of time?

7. What can I postpone for a month or two?

8. What on my “To Do” list can someone else do 80% as well as I can? (Delegate if possible.)

9. What three things could I do in the next 90 days to make a 50% difference this year?

10. What are the top six things I need to do today? What are the top six for tomorrow?

I have found that when I have the courage to prayerfully ask and answer those questions, and then take the necessary action, my life is far more focused and productive.

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