Where Will You Focus?

We are barely into this adventure of 2024. How is your focus? Do you need to recalibrate right now to make this a great year in your relationship with Jesus Christ?

On New Year’s Eve, Mike Seckman preached an outstanding message calling on us to bring things into clear focus as 2024 arrived. If you have not heard that message, pull it up in our archives and give it a listen. You will be blessed by the entire message. https://vimeo.com/showcase/10863912 Let’s take a moment and walk through the main points Mike made for us:

Focus on personal time with God. Time is the most precious commodity we have. All of us get the same 168 hours in a week. It is important that we invest some of that time exclusively in pursuing the Lord and our relationship with him. We must allow him to speak to us, and the primary way that he does that is through his word. If you have not picked a Bible reading plan for 2024, it’s not too late. Major on Bible intake this year. Make a daily appointment with the Lord, and do not let anything deter you from keeping that appointment. All meaningful relationships are built by spending time with each other. The Creator of all that is desires to spend time with you!

Focus on hearing the voice of God. The primary way that we are going to hear the voice of God is through prayer. (We also recently had a message where we talked about the reality that the Holy Spirit can guide us and prompt us, and when we are praying he is very likely to do just that.) Just remember that prayer is a two-way communication. We can express to God all that is in our hearts. We can rely on the Holy Spirit to intercede for us when we “do not know what we ought to pray.” Then, we want to make sure we allow time to listen. We can let the Word of God hit the bullseye of our hearts. God is quite capable of communicating to us his message for our lives.

Focus on worshiping and serving God. Our corporate worship times are important in keeping our focus. It is a God-given weekly time to refocus. Keep in mind that the quality of our corporate worship depends on the quality of our personal worship. Worship is 24/7 and much more than singing. We worship as we love our family, do the dishes, care for the needy – it is ALL worship and should be done in an attitude of worship. Serving is also a critical component of our focus. We are serving the One who “did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Taking advantage of opportunities to serve the Lord is a great way to get ourselves in alignment with him. Little opportunities to do that are part of every day of our lives, and we can ask the Lord to give us “fruit in every good work.” There are also big, all hands on deck service opportunities like packing 160,000 meals for Honduras that is coming up in a month that also give us a great outlet to serve Jesus and his people. You can sign up to participate in that event at https://www.madisonchristian.org/event/lifeline-meal-packing-2024/

Let’s get focused – or refocused – and move forward with passion in 2024.

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