What Passion!

I had the privilege of attending a meeting where two of our Madison Township Firefighters and Paramedics were recognized.  They received a very prestigious statewide EMS award, The Star of Life.   Selected from many nominations across the state, these gentlemen brought the honor home to Madison Township.  (We have an excellent Fire Department in this community.)  Firefighter/Paramedics Wayne Altman and Allen Young successfully resuscitated a man who experienced respiratory distress while on a walking path between Gender Road and Brice Road.  While transporting the patient, he suddenly went unresponsive, seized, and went into ventricular fibrillation.  He needed to be defibrillated multiple times on the transport to the hospital, and upon arriving at Mt. Carmel East’s trauma room, he again went into ventricular fibrillation.  The treatment continued until the patient was able to respond verbally with the emergency department staff.  To this day, the patient is alive, doing well, and has a new and positive outlook on life.

What got me thinking was when Wayne Altman reflected with great emotion about his 28-year career as a Firefighter/Paramedic.  I’m pretty sure I detected tears in the corners of his eyes.  Over those 28 years, he has successfully resuscitated 3 people.  I appreciated his passion for the work he does and his gratitude to Madison Township for permitting him the privilege of doing that work.  It was a beautiful thing.

Can you imagine the passion we should possess for our work for the Lord?  We are saving lives – for eternity.  That is a work of the highest importance.  Wayne Altman is thrilled with bringing back 3 people in 28 years.  Are we thrilled every time someone walks down our aisles and the waters of our baptistry are stirred?  I respect the great work that heroes like Wayne Altman and Allen Young and others do in our community.  But should we not be thrilled beyond words, filled with passion because the Lord is willing to use us in his greatest work of saving souls for eternity?


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