The Three Christmas Trees

The Three Christmas Trees

One of the items available for purchase at our Christmas Bake Sale were the Three Christmas Trees. They were actually made from leftover wood from our “Help Build Hope” project where we built two houses for deserving families in our parking lot in September. (Lord willing, if our “Because You Care” end-of year offering is successful, we will build two more on September 15-16, 2023.)

One of the people who purchased a set of trees also happens to be a very talented poet. (They wish to remain anonymous – but many of you will quickly figure it out.) I wanted to share this beautiful poem with you.

The Three Christmas Trees

They started as trees on a wooded forest hill,
some marked by a Lumberjack to go to the mill,
lumber was needed and orders to fill.

This truckload of lumber, cut from the trees,
was destined to build houses for “Habitat for Humanity.”

So many hand gathered, had them up in just days
houses that change lives in so many ways.

Then, the wood scraps left over turned out to be
in someone’s eyes, those amazing Christmas trees.

Hands that sawed lumber for beams and walls
now cut little wedges, some tall and some small.

You can only imagine what creative eyes could see
the beauty in those pieces and the possibilities.

Careful choices of stains, showing the wood grain and knots,
the steady hands who touched each piece with those delicate
showflake-like dots.

I’m sending thanks to the many hands who made these Christmas Trees,
Things with a little “back story” always seem more special to me.

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One Comment

  1. I love this “back story”!
    The trees are so beautiful!
    An added touch to each home would be to frame this poem and given to the new owners along with a set of trees, it would be the extra added touch to a lovely home for deserving families.
    I have an idea who wrote this, a very talented and generous soul.
    Thank you for sharing with us .
    In Christian love,
    Janet Koehler

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