Thank You Wednesday Night Kitchen Workers

For over 20 years, we have offered a dinner on Wednesday Evenings prior to our Wednesday Night Ministries. (FYI – Wednesday Night Ministries resume on Wednesday, September 6 and will run through Wednesday, December 6.) With that date looming on the horizon, I thought this would be a great week to recognize and thank our Wednesday Night Kitchen Workers.

We believe that this dinner makes it possible for many busy families to join us on Wednesday evenings. We are happy to provide the vehicle to allow them to be part of Bible Studies, choir practice, Family 365, and and Seekers. The Wednesday Night Dinner is served beginning at 5:15, and the dinner is free.

As you can imagine, it takes a significant number of workers to pull this off. Diane Barnes coordinates this ministry and spends lots of time planning and procuring the ingredients for the dinners. She is so grateful for the dedicated people who work hard in this ministry. Thank you to: Melody Timmons, Erma York, Gene York, Margaret Hutchins, Bruce Hutchins, Camille Humphrey, Betty Davidson, Susie Herr, Teddie Hollinger, Tom Hollinger, Debbie Small, Bob Small, Karmen Roberson-Wells, Michael Woerner, Donna Watson, Janice Mueller, and myself. (Full disclosure, I show up just in time to serve the food and have little to do with the actual preparation of the meal. These folks do the hard work.)

It is a blessing to work with these women and men, and they consider this an important work of service and a labor of love. Our desire is to provide a nutritious and plentiful meal. We hope that you join us on Wednesday evenings for dinner and ministry!

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  1. I love the smiles of the people as they serve us the meal as well as the small chatter with us as we leave the line. Thank you for your service for the church as you all accept this job. God bless you all.

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