Thank You, Mowers

Kirk Olney and I were heading out of the church driveway on Saturday on our way to the Celebration of Life for Phil Holtz in Wooster. Kirk remarked that the grounds of the church really looked great. I have to admit to a considerable bias, but I believe, especially when it is freshly mowed, that this campus is one of the most beautiful spots you could find.

Much of the reason for that is because of our mowing crew. These volunteers are extremely diligent and they do a great job. I want to thank Bill Wilburn, Jerry Sedwick, Bruce Hutchins, John Kitsmiller, Bill Mueller, Dan Overmeyer, Rick Kessler and Eric Hannahs. The shrubs and trees are wonderfully cared for by Mike Fitzsimmons, Bob Norman, and Duncan Thorp. I would also like to thank others, not currently on the crew, but who have made important contributions in this area. They would be: Gene York, Kirk Olney. Roger Vanest gave countless hours to the appearance of the campus and now lives out of state. The late Lowell Akers was a fantastic gentlemen who loved to be part of the mowing crew and did an excellent job. I can tell that these fellows enjoy their work and value the fellowship that they have with each other.

Of course, these workers need proper equipment. Eric Hannahs is continually maintaining equipment, sharpening blades, and making sure that all the machines are fueled up and ready to go on mowing day. We are fortunate to have a person with Eric’s skill set to keep this equipment in top flight condition.

I have heard some pretty large numbers regarding what it would cost if we were to hire this work done. I am grateful that these great workers handle this responsibility, handle it well, and help us be good stewards of the campus that God has given us.

When you get the opportunity – say “Thank You” to a mower!

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  1. Thanks to all who help with this important ministry! It is a wonderful and fitting witness to have such a cared for environment when coming to worship and serve the Lord.

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