Thank You, Help Build Hope Workers

Saturday, September 16 was a great day on the campus. The Lord’s blessing on this was very evident, and we are grateful. We had the opportunity to participate in Help Build Hope. This is where we construct the walls to two houses for Habitat For Humanity in our parking lot. We have a little bit of experience at this as these homes were the 22nd and 23rd houses we have constructed and donated. The funds for all the lumber and additional expenses were paid through our end-of year offering.

We had a great group of workers. After meeting in the gym at 8:00 a.m., building commenced. The last nail went into the last wall at 11:32 a.m. Thank you so much to all of those workers. Our people support this project in a great way. The average age of the workers was lowered by having students from the Madison Christian Church Student Ministry and the Madison Christian School Baseball Team and Soccer Team. (Thanks to their coaches, Jason Hovance and Randall Gibson.) The opportunity for teamwork was great as we all focused on the objective of the morning. Everyone’s spirit of cooperation was exemplary.

As with any project, leadership is critical. The Madison Men’s Ministry takes ownership of this project each year and they do a great job. Dave Graham and his team are to be commended for great work. The folks in the kitchen kept everyone fortified with nutritious food and even our littlest people distributed water to the workers. The successful completion of this build is evidence that the maxim is true, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

Most importantly, this project is about changed lives. The lives of two families will be forever transformed by receiving this house. (Recipients of these houses are extensively vetted by Habitat For Humanity and must take required courses on financial management. The future owners must also put in 200 hours of sweat equity as the house goes up and they have a mortgage on the home.)

So, if you contributed to the end-of-year offering, helped organize the event, handed out plan sheets, built wall sections, fed workers or delivered water – our message to you is THANK YOU! You made it possible contribution and/or work have permanently changed lives.

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