Thank You, Generous Givers

The people of Madison Christian Church are the most generous people I have ever been privileged to be around. This is a place where people are loved and helped, where needs are met and where people are blessed. We are able to do that because people are gracious. When a need is presented or becomes evident, they step up. I am continually thankful for the generous spirit of our people.

I could cite countless examples of this. Today, I would like to share with you one recent example. In August, we were challenged about the issue of the global food crisis. We set a date and decided to take a special offering (people were asked to go to a booth and contribute) which we would give to Compassion International to be used toward this situation.

Here is the content of the letter we received from Compassion after that offering:

Dear Paul, Donna (Steinhauser) and Madison Christian Church –

On behalf of the children, families and from the church partners who are a part of our Compassion International ministry, thank you so much for your incredibly generous donation of $3,456 to the Global Food Crisis. Additional donations totaling $200 through your church family brings the total to $3,656. What an impact you are having on so many precious lives! It is such a blessing to partner with you in ministry and we are so grateful for your faithfulness over so many years. You are making a transformational difference in so many lives as many are experiencing the love of Jesus through your generosity.

In Christ with deep gratitude,

Rick Schluep, Church Partnership Manager

You might be interested to know that $50 provides food packs to feed a family of six for two months. Simple arithmetic tells you that our offering fed over 438 people for two months. Also on that day, our people sponsored an additional four Compassion children. And remember, this is just one small act of generosity by our people among many.

From the bottom of my heart – thank you.

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