Simple Prayers

We often have a tendency to over-complicate matters. I have noticed that one of those things that is subject to complication is prayer. Jesus said it is as simple as, “Ask, seek, and knock.” Things we do each day. Jesus told the parable of the unjust judge, and we learn the simple lesson of perseverance in prayer. The Lord’s Prayer, (Matthew 6:9-13) is a pretty straightforward prayer plan that can be followed by anyone. Acknowledgement of God, worship of his hallowed name, submission to his will, expressing dependence on him by our request for daily sustenance, seeking forgiveness and indicating a willingness to forgive others, asking for protection from temptation and deliverance from evil – such a basic outline. We often conclude that prayer: “For yours is the kingdom” – Lord, please build your kingdom today. “Yours is the power” – Lord, please do everything in your power today. “Yours is the glory” – Lord, receive all the glory in everything today. “Forever” – God, please do your forever work in the lives of people all around me today. We would all do well to be less concerned about making sure the commas are all in the right place in our conversation with God and have more concern about just talking to our Father who loves us so much.

Kim Butts of Harvest Prayer Partners has the view that simple prayers are some of the most profound and meaningful prayers. Here is a list of a few of her suggestions:

Help me.

Draw me close.

Hear us.

I’m hurting.

Answer me.

Fill me.

I don’t know what to do.

Strengthen them.

Show me.

You are awesome!

Empower us.

Forgive me.

I’m angry!

Please give me wisdom.

Thank You.

Teach me.

I’m so lonely.

Use us.

Equip her.

You alone are worthy of praise.

Heal them.

Help him to know You.

Send me!

I humbly suggest that whatever you do, don’t overthink what God intends to be a simple, meaningful, sincere and beautiful means of communication between himself and you. One more simple instruction: (I Thessalonians 5:17) “Pray continually.”

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