Round Lake Christian Camp

You may have already heard of my love for Round Lake Christian Camp. If you don’t wish to hear about it again, I’m sorry, and you may want to skip this blog. We have campers going to Round Lake different times this summer, and it is a wonderful opportunity for them to grow in their Christian faith and to be around other people that love the Lord.

Perhaps you had a part in one of these kids being able to go to camp? Many of our campers need financial assistance to be able to go. It is a huge blessing for these families to be able to send their kids to this wonderful camp. We never want money to be the reason that a kid doesn’t go to camp, and those of you who contribute to the end of year giving make that possible.

You may be wondering, what does a day at Round Lake look like? It looks like fun playing games, great meals, high quality Bible-based learning times where kids can deepen their love for Jesus. And of course, most campers’ favorite thing, swim time in the lake. During swim time, they also have a chance to fish and go out on boats on the lake. Being at Round Lake is also a great time for these kids to have a break from media and devices, and it often allows them to see the beauty of God’s creation that they might not otherwise notice. Kids like to play carpetball, gagaball, pedal carts, nine-square and many other things when they have free time.

Will you join me in praying for each week at Round Lake Christian Camp this summer? Pray for the whole summer to go well, and specifically, if you want to pray about the weeks we have campers and faculty going, they are listed below.

VIP Camp: June 6-8

3rd and 4th Grade Camp: June 12-14

7th-12th Grade West Virginia Adventure: June 15-21

7th-12th Grade Connect: June 23-28

Day Camp: July 2

9th-12th Grade Backpacking Trip: July 13-19

5th and 6th Grade Camp: July 14-19

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