Romania Bound

We are happy to report to you that the Madison Christian Church Romania Team for June of 2024 has been formed. There will be 17 people (Janet Sisko, Jessie Spurling, Kevin Trusty, Theresa Trusty, Cheryl Seeley, Logan Overman, Landon Overman, Bonnie Holzbauer, Jean White, Betty Davidson, Sue Mowbray, Cheryl Castle, Lynn Armour, Hollie Crews, Racquel Drake, Diane Barnes, Paul Barnes) making the journey to Romania to work with The Smiles Foundation. Our team members will range in age from 16 years old to 90 years old. Past trips from Madison to this mission field have taken place in 2011 and 2016 and those trips have been amazing!

The logo above represents the Mission Pillar of The Smiles Foundation. The other pillars of the work in Romania are the Outreach Pillar, the Residential Pillar, and the Enterprise Pillar. The design is that this multi-faceted approach to ministry all comes together with the central objective of bringing men, woman, boys, and girls to Jesus Christ. Our team members will have the opportunity to participate in various aspects of each of these foundational pillars of the Smiles work. As is the case with any mission trip that we take, we are going there to work and will willingly accept any assignment given. Romania is a country with absolutely no “social safety net,” so there are many opportunities for vital, transformative ministry to people.

Kevin Hoy, the Executive Director of The Smiles Foundation, has a longstanding relationship with Madison Christian Church. Kevin is totally committed to Christ and the Lord’s mission. It is a plus that he is also an accountant, an organizational genius, a great visionary, and a dynamic leader. He is a pioneer in self-sustaining missions and has done some amazing things through the Enterprise Pillar of Smiles. Kevin is currently in the United States and will be meeting with our entire Romania team while he is here.

Once the team has the opportunity to sign the Prayer Covenant, we will share that with you so that you can join us in prayer. We know that prayer is the essential key to all effective ministry, and that no mission trip can be even remotely successful apart from consecrated, prevailing prayer. I hope you will be receptive if team members ask you to support their trip through prayer and finances.

Please feel free to check out the great work that is being done by The Smiles Foundation.

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