Natalie Grant and More!

I was delighted Sunday morning with the announcement by Matt Archibald that we will be hosting a concert by Natalie Grant on Sunday evening, March 21 in our Worship Center.  Natalie will have some wonderful up and coming artists performing with her on that evening, also.  It should be a fantastic concert.  Because of the layout of our auditorium, no one is very far from the performing artist.  For that reason, it is a very attractive venue.

We are excited about the fact that our Worship Center will be filled with enthusiastic concert-goers on that evening.  Just the publicity that is connected with an event like this, on radio, in print, and on the internet is a huge advertising boost for us.  It will increase the name recognition of Madison Christian Church in a powerful way.

I also want to tell you that I am excited about one of the important reasons behind this concert.  This concert will benefit The Britt Balser Foundation for TTP.  Gary Balser, Britt’s dad, faced a situation that would grab the heart of any parent.  At age 12, after a four-week battle with TTP (Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura), Gary’s daughter, Brittany succumbed to the disease.  TTP is so rare that doctors at Children’s Hospital had very little information or experience to work with in treating Britt.  Gary began the foundation which is dedicated to raising funds to work with physicians and medical centers throughout the country to develop knowledge and a better cure for this horrible disease.  Because Britt Balser loved Christian music and attended many concerts with her dad, Gary selected this as the method to fund the foundation that was created in her name.  All the proceeds of this concert – and future concerts we do with Gary Balser as the promoter, will go The Britt Balser Foundation for TTP.

Seems like a win-win-win to me:

  • We get to present a fabulous concert.  Natalie Grant and company will put on a GREAT CONCERT for all who attend.
  • We get to expose hundreds of people to our facility, host them in our Worship Center, and receive the benefit of thousands of dollars of free advertising.
  • We get to help The Britt Balser Foudation for TTP – and help a dad carry on the memory of his beautiful daughter in a wonderful way.  SEE YOU AT THE CONCERT!!
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