Mission Accomplished

Madison Christian High School Students Packing

We finished up our Lifeline Meal Packing with a flourish! There were five meal packing sessions for the church and one session for students and teachers from Madison Christian High School. (The students were the final group and they packed until we ran out of rice on site.) We put 150,000 meals out of the gym, and the remaining meals will be packed at the Lifeline Packing Centre. Through this great project, we have sent a total of 166,000 meals to Honduras and they will be in hungry bellies in the next month.

The spirit of cooperation and teamwork was very evident and totally outstanding. The Holy Spirit was present as we were doing the work of the Lord together. An understanding permeated the gym that this was far more than just putting rice, beans, dried vegetables, vitamins and chicken flavoring in a bag. Participants understood they were making a dent in “global food insecurity.” It was a special joy for me to watch students at Madison Christian School pack, as another entire generation got to serve in such a meaningful way.

I want to express deep appreciation to our great set-up crew that transformed our gym into a meal packing distribution facility on Saturday afternoon. Thanks go to the staff from Lifeline Christian Mission who bring such a high level of experience and expertise to this project. They send multiple millions of meals to hungry people each year. Great appreciation to Shelly Graham and Donna Steinhauser. They are my “go to” people on this project, and they make it successful. Thanks to our Ministry Staff for their high level of involvement in this project. Thanks to Mr. Tim Allen, Mr. Phil Slonaker, the National Honor Society Students, and to all who went above and beyond to pack and then tear down the gym and load the truck at the end. And, of course, thanks to all of you for contributing the pile of money it takes to fund this project and for working so hard to pack those meals!


Packed meals ready for loading out.
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