Job Well Done!

"Excellence honors God and inspires people."  That is one of the Core Values of Madison Christian Church.  Excellence is one of those things – you know it when you see it.  We saw it on Sunday, July 5, at the Madison Patriotic Celebration.  It was a great day.  The house was packed.  Most importantly, the objectives of the day were clearly accomplished:

  • Honoring the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Celebrating the great privilege of being Americans.

Congratulations to Matt Archibald, our Minister of Music and Worship, for putting together an outstanding program.  Thanks to every member of the choir and the soloists.  Thanks to a great group of technical people who handle the sound, lights, video, and sound.  (Between all of those people, literally countless hours of hard work were put in that made this an excellent program.)  Thanks to our greeters, ushers, and servers who smoothly handled every duty assigned to them.  Thanks to the Color Guard, military people, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, EMS workers, and other safety personnel who showed up in big numbers to receive the honor that is due them.  Thanks to the many people of Madison Christian Church who tirelessly invited guests to be a part of the day.  Thanks to EVERYONE who attended this program.  They all participated enthusiastically.  Above all, thanks to Jesus Christ for being present in the service in a magnificent way.  All glory, honor, and praise go to Him.

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