It’s Back to Church Sunday

We have designated this Sunday, September 11, as “BACK TO CHURCH SUNDAY.” Like every church, the pandemic has taken a toll on us.  We have been told all along that we will never see at least 23% of our people who were part of the church pre-pandemic again.  As a Ministry Staff, we have said all along that we will never accept that as reality.  This is our humble, grassroots attempt, to bring back precious people that have been absent from Madison Christian Church.

I am deeply indebted to Stu Stull and Michael Woerner for collaborating on a great concept for this day, and for putting together a fantastic, catchy video.  In the end, the video, high quality as it is, will not bring the results we pray for and desire.  May I ask you one more time:  Identify those who used to sit by you.  Get their number, get their email. Pray about it.  Call them, send them a note.  This is the ONLY way we see success this Sunday.

I am also thankful to some who have helped stimulate people’s thinking and action. Dan Overmeyer sent some targeted devotionals about the importance of us being together as brothers and sisters, Likewise, Rick Kessler and Kathy Sedwick sent some excellent material about the importance of the fellowship we share together. Penny Fazekas sent me some really thought-provoking material about the fact that the closest thing we experience to heaven on this earth is when we are together as believers.  It’s all true! What an amazing privilege it is to be part of the fellowship of the church!

Today, as I write this – I have spoken when a man and a woman who have both tested positive for Covid. What I am conceding here is that I am not all certain we are living in a post-Covid world. What I am absolutely certain about is that we need to start acting like we are living in a post-Covid world – and a major step in that direction is renewing our attendance at Madison Christian Church.

What I am also certain about is how much we need each other. The concept of our interdependence is clear all throughout the Scripture.  My prayer is that I will get to renew fellowship this Sunday with many I have not seen in a long while.  Will you join us?  Will you pray that many others join us as well for BACK TO CHURCH SUNDAY?

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