How Can I Pray For You?

One of the most common questions that one believer in Christ will ask another is, “How can I pray for you?”  What a great question, reflecting the care and concern we have for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Often our prayer requests have to do with seeking the Lord’s intervention for a physical issue.  That’s certainly important, and God’s Word encourages us (Philippians 4:7) to pray anything and everything.  Many of you know I had a major surgery 11 years ago and was in the hospital for 3 days this year in January, and I was over the top grateful for the prayers of many people for my healing.

In addition to physical needs, I have prepared a prayer list for those who wish to pray for me about important areas in my life.  If some or all of these things are the desires of your heart – you may want to share my list with those who are willing to pray for you.  (I ask the Lord to bless all of our congregation with these things daily.)

Prayer List

Intimacy in my relationship with Jesus Christ

Godly wisdom

Strength (spiritual, emotional, physical)

Faithfulness on the part of myself, Diane, and our family

Opportunities to introduce people to Christ

Ability to present a clear witness of the gospel

Opportunities to help others before more effective disciples of Christ

Rich times of study in God’s Word




Deeper understanding (seeing things as God does.)

A fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit

Daily renewed desire to serve Christ with fervor

Clear guidance from the Lord where needed

Strength in the face of persecution

Peace in the midst of trials

Fruit in every good work (Colossians 1:10)


That list is by no means exhaustive of every need I can identify in my life – but it is a start. Feel free to jump on in the comment section with things that you would add to that list. It will be great to have your input!

“Therefore confess your sins to each other

and pray for each other….The prayer of  a

righteous person is powerful and effective.”

James 5:16



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  1. I’d like prayer for all the J6’ers who are being held as political prisoners for misdemeanors who have been put in horrible death row type conditions to cause any God fearing patriot to fear evil deep state men over God and their conscience.

    I would also like pray to bring down the global Cobol who is trying to make this a one world government with Word Economic Forum and fake green planned destruction while trying to bring Communist and Marxist rule.

    Thanks in advance

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