Great Week at Round Lake

We are so grateful to be at Round Lake Christian Camp for 5th-6th grade week, and things are really going well. Jonathon Barnes brings many years of experience in Christian camping to his position as  Dean of the week of camp.  The team of volunteers assembled is absolutely awesome, and most importantly, the Lord is blessing! I am confident based on interactions that are taking place that some of these campers will make the decision to follow Jesus while they are at camp.

I was thinking that one of the better ways to share the experience with you and give you a little snapshot of the week would be to share some pictures I have snapped.  Please keep praying for a great week!  The pictures will be:

  1.  Campers and parents lined up in the rain to check in.
  2. Campers worshipping on the opening night.
  3. The largest game of musical chairs I have ever seen.
  4. Campers enjoying the craft time.
  5. Swimming in the lake is a great attraction.
  6. Fishing always has great appeal, and the fish are biting.
  7. The Dining Hall is packed with hungry campers.
  8. The day concludes at the campfire for worship and teaching.

Thank you for praying!

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  1. These pictures have brought back so many memories for me and Randy!
    Both our kids, Randy and Leah loved going to camp at RLCA. They both took friends and had great fun!
    Even Randy and I went to a few Mens and Womens weekend retreats, I know we both didn’t sleep well those nights, but we had fun with our friends then.
    If your kids have never experienced camp consider sending them, they will have beautiful and lifelong memories, it’s a wonderful place to worship with friends in Christ and the food is great , you’ll never go hungry !
    Praying for all who are there this week, God bless each of you!

    1. Thanks for sharing that, Janet. This is a very special place and it is a privilege to be here with these great campers and faculty!

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