Cheap Divorce?!

Rarely do I pay attention to signs placed beside the road or stapled to utility poles.  Today, as I exited the freeway, one did catch my eye.  It was high-visibility yellow like a tennis ball, with bold black letters.  The message:  CHEAP DIVORCE.  The smaller lettering on the sign offered a $350 flat charge, no filing fee, a toll-free number, and the promise of a painless (not to mention cheap) termination of a marriage.

Like you, I have witnessed many divorces.  I have learned to hate even the word, "divorce."  Marriages crumble.  Families fracture.  It is never cheap.  I am not speaking of the legal fees connected with ending a marriage.  The cost comes in pain and anguish.  The cost is calculated in the lives of children and other family members.  The cost is seldom, if ever, paid in one quick moment, the time it takes to write a $350 check.  The consequences rear their heads for years to come.

Staying married requires many things.  It requires an investment – a considerable investment of love, commitment, loyalty, and faithfulness.  Make that investment.  It is the best investment.  It is a much more satisfying investment than the $350 investment advertised by the road. 

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