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It’s time to begin our end-of-year offering, “Because You Care.” We will start to collect this offering on Sunday, November 20. You can contribute to “Because You Care” through December 31, 2022. In the past, the Lord has provided significant dollars through the generosity of our people, and we have been able to do some amazing things for the Lord’s work. We keep none of this money, instead we use it to fund important outreach ministries which are part of our vision to be an “outwardly-focused church.”

This year the “Because You Care” offering will be used to fund:

Help Build Hope – Construction of the walls to houses in our parking lot which will be donated to Habitat for Humanity to provide affordable housing to those in need. All ages, genders, and people of all skill levels participate in this construction.

Meal Packing – In conjunction with Lifeline Christian Mission, we will pack and send thousands of meals to hungry people in Honduras. (We have now sent nearly a quarter of a million meals to Honduras through our past efforts.) All people, from our youngest to our oldest, join in packing these meals over President’s Day Weekend.

Scholarships – These scholarships primarily are used to send deserving children and teens to Round Lake Christian Camp and CIY (Christ in Youth). So many young people make their decision to follow Jesus at camp or CIY. We love to provide life changing experiences with Christ to these young people, and our desire is that no child be denied the experience because it is cost prohibitive.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this offering – and all the mechanisms of giving are in place for you to be part of this. We are praying that once again this year the generosity of our people allows us to do AMAZING things for Jesus Christ, the kingdom of God, and people. Please pray about your participation in the very important offering. Thank you!

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