Because You Care

At the end of each year, we take an offering that we use to help fulfill our vision of being an outwardly-focused church.  Our end-of-year offering for 2022 was called, “Because You Care.”

The Lord graciously provided, through his people, an offering of $68,635.40.  Praise the Lord!

Our Administrative/Finance Committee is charged with allocation of funds from the end-of-year offering, and in their January meeting they made those allocations. Their decisions were based on history, projected growth in ministries and cost increases in these areas that are either already in place or that are coming.

The Committee allocated $6,583.00 to the scholarship fund to bring that fund to a level to meet all projected requests.  We are so blessed that every child or student wishing to participate in Round Lake Camp, CIY, etc., will be able to do so through this fund. (There is a vetting process in place for the distribution of scholarship monies, also under the ultimate oversight of the Administrative/Finance Committee.)

The allocation for Help Build Hope was $15,100.15.  When combined with residual funds in the Help Build Hope account, we will be able to build and donate two houses to Habitat for Humanity that will transform the lives of deserving families. Help Build Hope weekend for 2023 will be September 15-16.

The Committee has allocated $46,952.25 for Meal Packing.  On President’s Day weekend, we will pack and donate over 166,000 meals for Honduras.  This is a great ministry that has widespread involvement.  Dates will be February 19-21, and you can sign up here.

If you have your onboard calculator running, those allocations total $68,635.40.  We strive to always be totally transparent about the amount, process, and execution of the projects connected with this offering.

I personally believe these things are essential to the ministry of Madison Christian Church.  I also believe that the concept of giving these monies away as we do resonates with the Lord’s people.  So MANY people are going to be blessed!  Praise God, and thank you so much!

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