A Legacy Lives On

Peggy Murphy went home to be with the Lord four years ago this month on January 26, 2020. We are happy to say that she was a very active and valued member of Madison Christian Church. She invested her 61-year-life for the Lord Jesus Christ and placed a very high value on bringing others to him.

This past Sunday, Jacob James was baptized in our 10:30 worship service. He was brought to Madison for the first time by Peggy Murphy in 2018. He has wandered for a while, but when he came to the place in his life where he wanted to give his life to Christ and be a new creation in him, he came back to the place Peggy brought him. You can watch Jacob’s baptism at: https://www.madisonchristian.org/watch-online/on-demand/. (The baptism begins at 1:03:33 on the broadcast – but you are welcome to watch the entire service!) That is a great way that her legacy lives on – but it is not the only way.

Peggy had the distinction of being a master gardener. She worked for OSU extension. She founded the Greater Columbus Growing Coalition, the Highland Youth Garden, and many other community gardens. She taught men, women, boys, and girls how to grow crops right in the middle of the inner city, and they loved her. She taught them about the seeds of plants while she unashamedly sowed the seeds of the gospel.

Several times a year the Growing Coalition distributes plants that are donated by a local garden center. Folks get hundreds of poinsettias at Christmas time, truckloads of garden vegetable and flower plants in the spring, and more truckloads of mums in the fall. Peggy would use our campus for the distribution point. Even after her death, they continued to come. If you can picture hundreds of people (90%+ of those people were people of color) lined up in our driveway, truly a mass of humanity, ready to come through in an orderly way to get their plants. They would say, “Thank you for continuing to honor Miss Peggy in this way.

I run into people often who want to express their love for Peggy. They happily and excitedly tell me that Miss Peggy taught them to grow their crops, and Miss Peggy told them about Jesus. Her Christian influence goes on as her grandchildren continue today as students at Madison Christian School: Marissa, Moriah, and Jeremiah Murphy.

One generation commands your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts. Psalm 145:4

Boyd Bailey wrote: It is not necessarily the length of our life that determines our legacy, it is more the length of the shadow of our influence that defines what legacy we leave behind.

Will people be coming to Christ long after you are gone because of your influence?

Here we are, back to Sunday, January 28 – Jacob James giving his life to Christ and being baptized. That is way it is meant to be – our influence needs to continue even after we are gone. Peggy’s legacy is people coming to Jesus.

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