A Great Day!

Madison Christmas Festival Choir and Kid’s Song

Sunday, December 18 was the Madison Christmas Festival. Many thanks go to Matt Archibald for his leadership of this program! The picture above features the Christmas Festival Adult Choir and Kid’s Song. (All photos courtesy of Abigail Sibbalds) The day was filled with opportunity for excellent expressions of worship to our amazing God for sending his Son, Jesus, in such a remarkable way to be our Savior.

We certainly appreciate the ministry of Kid’s Song, under the direction of Debbie Sibbalds. Those children did an excellent job lifting up Jesus. Also, a duet by Tracy Stillion and Michelle Roseberry touched many hearts. It was a tremendous addition to have our band providing live instrumentation to much of the music that was presented.

We have had many people express their appreciation for the service on Sunday. All of the glory goes to Jesus. One of the most special moments in the service was when Marilou Watson was baptized into Christ. (Photo below.)

The worship service was followed by the “Jingle Jam,” put on for families by the Children’s Ministry. This featured a fun program, lunch, crafts, cookie decorating and a hot chocolate bar.

I wish I could include all of the photos that Abigail took to document this wonderful day. That’s impossible – but we will include a few as we conclude.

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