A Beehive of Meaningful Activity

Madison Christian Church is an extremely active church. The next several weeks the church will really be on the move. It will be a veritable beehive of meaningful activity.

Under the direction of Mike Seckman, our teens will be attending Christ in Youth (CIY). They will attend CIY “Move” for High School Students and leaders at Bowling Green State University, June 9-14. The following week, June 17-21, Middle School and Junior High Students will attend CIY “Mix” at Cedarville University. These are experiences of life transformation for these young people as they worship, learn, and fellowship in a very unique setting. We are so grateful that you have provided scholarships to a number of these students to attend “Mix” and “Move” through your generous giving to our end-of-year offering.

Jonathon Barnes will be making his first of several trips throughout the summer to Round Lake Christian Camp, beginning next week. He will be going with our 3rd and 4th grade campers for a great program at Round Lake. Additionally, Jonathon is the Dean of Round Lake’s largest week of camp, July 14-20. This is a 5th and 6th grade week that will have hundreds of campers. Many of us will be going to serve alongside Jonathon on his faculty for the week. We are extremely thankful that our young people have the opportunity to attend Round Lake Christian Camp. We are also deeply grateful that you supply quite a few scholarships to students to be able to attend camp through the end-of-year offering. Thank you so much for caring so deeply about young people.

Additionally, 17 of us will be headed to Romania to serve with The Smiles Foundation for 8 days. (June 7 – 15) Our team members will range in age from 16 years old to 90 years old. Past trips from Madison to this mission field have taken place in 2011 and 2016 and those trips have been amazing! As is the case with any mission trip that we take, we are going there to work and will willingly accept any assignment given and do so with a smile on our face and a great attitude. Romania is a country with absolutely no “social safety net,” so there are many opportunities for vital, transformative ministry to people – and there are many folks there who need to know the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our philosophy at Madison in terms of missions is that we are either “goers” or “senders.” We are thankful for each of our 17 “goers” on this trip to Romania. We are thankful for hundreds of you who are “senders” of people on this trip. We also believe that effective mission trips are the result of prayer. Thanks to the many of you have joined us in the Prayer Covenant for this trip. No doubt, prayer is the essential key to all effective ministry – here in this U.S. and anywhere around the world.


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  1. Grateful that we have the opportunity to pray for these events so that we can see how the Lord works in each of the individuals lives serving and especially for the souls that need the Lord!
    The Lord is good, faithful and loving to us all. May each of you be blessed and let the Lord work through you, open the hearts of those needing Him to guide you to salvation! To God be the Glory !!

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