$302,000.00 !!

The Lord is doing a wonderful thing with the "So We Can……." capital campaign.  After much planning, and without the use of any capital campaign company, we began this campaign to eliminate the debt of Madison Christian Church in November of 2008.  From a standpoint of worldly wisdom and economic reality, there was probably not a worse time to begin a campaign that called on people to do "over and above" giving to reduce or eliminate debt.  We told people we wanted to erase our debt so we can do great ministry.  We have things we believe the Lord wants us to do in evangelism, discipleship,  missions, children’s ministry, youth ministry, staffing, etc., that can make a great impact for him.  Debt is holding us back from doing these things.

I cannot say enough about the response of our wonderful people.  This past week, the total contributed to the "So We Can….." campaign crossed the $300,000.00 mark.  We have applied that money directly, every penny, to our indebtedness.  What a great thing!  What a wonderful demonstration that the Lord is at work and can do great things even in times of economic downturn.

Here’s some more great news.  The campaign is 18-months long.  It’s only half over!!  We are so excited to see what the Lord will do through his people and this church between now and Easter, 2010.



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