160,000 Meals Completed

As a result of the Lord’s great blessing and an amazing team effort, 160,000 meals are in the pipeline and on the way to Honduras! Those meals that were packed in the gym between Sunday, February 18 and Tuesday, February 20 will be in hungry bellies in Honduras within 30 days. Praise the Lord!

“Food Insecurity” is a difficult thing to see, whether it takes place in a Third World Country or in our local community. Our ultimate goal is that as you put food in a hungry belly, you also get to communicate that Jesus is the “Bread of Life” and that he loves each of those people so much. I thank God that the generosity expressed in our “Let Us Do Good” end-of- year offering allowed us to invest $46,640.39 of that offering in this project. Thanks to every person who participated in that offering – and our prayer is that you are pleased with how we used all of the proceeds of that offering just as we pledged that we would.

I want to say an important word to you about the teamwork and spirit of cooperation. Lifeline Christian Mission is a great partner to work with on this project. Their personnel, equipment, experience, and expertise at doing this on a massive scale are absolutely essential. The Set-Up Crew on Saturday was so efficient. They accomplished the transformation of the gym in record time. Thanks to them all! We are so blessed to have two ladies who run this project: Shelly Graham and Donna Steinhauser. They pleasantly direct people, keep the supply lines going, and spend countless hours between sessions so that we are ready to roll. I want to recognize Jerry Krebs who was also pushing boxes in every session. Alexi Castillo was also there every session to manage the completed meal boxes. (I know it is risky to name names but these women and men went above and beyond.) Our Ministry Staff worked hard in every session. And then our volunteers: The youngest was 10-weeks-old in a sling around her mother – the oldest packers were in the age 90 and above range – and we had every age in-between. These people worked like crazy and had a great time doing it. THANK YOU TO EVERY PACKER!! On Tuesday, students from Madison Christian School and their teachers packed. It was a thing of beauty to watch high school students and middle school students pack THOUSANDS of meals. The servant heart of these students were clearly on display! I am so grateful that this ministry went so amazingly well.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! We pray that he was honored by this effort. THANK YOU!

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